Author: Amy

I have always loved to travel. I’ve always wanted to write. I also love to eat. I now have the privilege of being able to do all three, by ‘throwing in the towel’ so to speak and travelling full-time with my partner Mike, writing about our experiences, and eating new and exotic (but not too exotic) foods. One day I’d love to get paid to travel (don’t we all), own a chateau in France, be fluent in Italian, French and Spanish, and be able to eat anything I want without a) getting food poisoning, and b) getting fat. More than anything, I hope to encourage others to take more time out in their lives to travel (if not their whole life!) by sharing our experiences as to how easy and affordable long term travel can be.

The Giant Buddha of Le Shan

We’re big fans of visiting religious monuments around the world – out of interest and curiosity for the building or monument, an appreciation of the incredible work in building it, and out of respect for the beliefs of the locals. We made our way to Nara in Japan to visit their Big Buddha. We also made our way to Lantau… Read more →

Rainbow Mountains of China: A Complete Guide

The first time we saw images of the “Rainbow Mountains of China” was in one of those Buzzfeed-type posts, titled something along the lines of ‘Places You Never Knew Existed’, featuring photo after photo of other-worldly natural environments and formations around the world. The images of the candy coloured mountains jumped out at us – did a place like this really… Read more →

Cycling the Ancient City Walls of Xi’an

Cycling the ancient city walls of Xi’an, to the tunes of Lady Gaga, alongside dozens of professional cyclists in a race? Yes, this actually happened. Only in China of course! Xi’an is an incredible city of history – with the majority of its premiere sights and attractions located within it’s ancient city walls. The walls are one of the oldest,… Read more →

12 Months on the Road

Here we are… a whole year later. 365 days ago, we jumped on a flight out of Perth, Australia and took off on our adventure of a lifetime – our nomadic existence, travelling from place to place around the continent of Asia. It’s been one epic adventure. In the last year we have visited places we’ve always dreamt of –… Read more →

China’s Famous Army of Terracotta Warriors

You can’t even begin to imagine the feeling that a local group of peasants felt, that day in 1974 when they began drilling for a well, just outside of Xi’an. Drilling came to a halt as they uncovered an underground vault, containing shattered pieces of terracotta. As they explored further and deeper, the vault and the areas surrounding the site… Read more →

Hiking the Great Wall of China, Minus the Crowds

There’s an image that’s been floating around on the internet – an image that evokes both fear and dread into any traveller… It’s this one. Thousands upon thousands of Chinese locals and tourists, descending on the Great Wall of China. Overcrowded tourist sights are the nightmare of any traveller. We all have our tips and tricks for trying to avoid… Read more →

First Impressions of China

If we were going to be totally honest with you, we didn’t know a LOT about China when we started planning our trip. It’s the most populated country in the world, with 1.35 billion people living here. There’s pandas. Sights like the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors. There’s a lot of wealth. Practically everything is made here… So, as you… Read more →

Eleven Months on the Road

I sit here writing this blog, still recovering from the whirlwind eleventh month we’ve had on the road. It’s a month that has certainly taken it’s toll on us physically, but what an incredible time we had in China! We’ve been fairly quiet and only posted intermittently whilst in China – partly because of the lack of signal and not… Read more →