Hong Kong

Hong Kong City Skyline, Victoria Peak, ChinaWith one of the most famous skylines in the world, Hong Kong offers travellers a taste of everything. Swanky high rise bars atop some of the world’s highest buildings, delicious street eats, hidden temples and pagodas burning incense in amongst crowded residential hubs, trekking amongst leafy green mountainous terrain – Hong Kong has it all.

It’s pristine yet grimy, modern yet dated, surprisingly affordable in some ways but also incredibly expensive in others – Hong Kong is a perfect example of a country that has surged forward in leaps and bounds since it’s war-time days, yet it’s struggling to keep up with its own economic boom at the same time.

Hong Kong will make your jaw drop, dazzle you, frustrate you and make your bellies rumble. It has more than enough to keep you entertained for weeks on end, and is so much more deserving than the several days most people give it. Find time to discover Hong Kong – and you might find yourself never wanting to leave.



It’s not a cheap place to visit, and some prices of things border on ridiculous, but it can be done on the cheap by staying in budget accommodation (check out Chunking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui for budget guesthouses), eating local food both on the street and small restaurants, and by keeping the majority of your entertainment and activities restricted to free and/or cheap sights.


Staying connected in Hong Kong is easy, with most accommodation and restaurants and cafes offering free wi-fi. You can also pick up a SIM card from vendors in most tourist areas – China Mobile offers 10 Day Unlimited Data Sim Cards for $100 HKD / $16.60 AUD.


Cantonese is the official language in Hong Kong, but with so many foreigners and expats here you’ll hear half a dozen languages being spoken whilst walking down the street. English is therefore used as a ‘unifying’ language, with street signs, menus, maps and transport all in English as well as Cantonese. It’s very easy to communicate and get your requirements across.

Getting Around

Hong Kong’s MRT system is fantastic, taking you all over the island. It’s also incredibly affordable, with no legs more than a couple of dollars. Get yourself an Octopus Card to get around – this is much easier than buying a ticket and needing to queue up each time. The card is $150 HKD, including $100 credit and a refundable $50 charge for the card. If needed, taxis are also incredibly affordable as drivers to use the meter.

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Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China

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