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How Much Does it Cost to Travel in China?

Ah, China – home to the Great Wall, the Giant Panda and 1.3 billion people – making it the most populated country on the planet. China has fascinated travellers for a long time – however there aren’t too many who travel to this mysterious country of the far east. Difficulties obtaining a complex visa, the obvious language barrier and the… Read more →

How To Stay Online in China

In todays modern age, the internet is indispensable when it comes to travel. We scour websites online to find the cheapest flight, and book it ourselves. We book accommodation online. We read stories and feedback and recommendations when it comes to planning what to do and see at our destination. We plan our route on maps so we know how… Read more →

Transport in China: Getting Around the Country

China is MASSIVE. An incredibly huge country. If you hope to explore even just a few of its highlights, it will involve cross-country travel. In fact, we spent 7 days out of our 23 day trip in China travelling to our next destination. There’s no avoiding it – exploring China means long days travelling. But what’s the best way to… Read more →

The Giant Buddha of Le Shan

We’re big fans of visiting religious monuments around the world – out of interest and curiosity for the building or monument, an appreciation of the incredible work in building it, and out of respect for the beliefs of the locals. We made our way to Nara in Japan to visit their Big Buddha. We also made our way to Lantau… Read more →

Rainbow Mountains of China: A Complete Guide

The first time we saw images of the “Rainbow Mountains of China” was in one of those Buzzfeed-type posts, titled something along the lines of ‘Places You Never Knew Existed’, featuring photo after photo of other-worldly natural environments and formations around the world. The images of the candy coloured mountains jumped out at us – did a place like this really… Read more →

Cycling the Ancient City Walls of Xi’an

Cycling the ancient city walls of Xi’an, to the tunes of Lady Gaga, alongside dozens of professional cyclists in a race? Yes, this actually happened. Only in China of course! Xi’an is an incredible city of history – with the majority of its premiere sights and attractions located within it’s ancient city walls. The walls are one of the oldest,… Read more →

China’s Famous Army of Terracotta Warriors

You can’t even begin to imagine the feeling that a local group of peasants felt, that day in 1974 when they began drilling for a well, just outside of Xi’an. Drilling came to a halt as they uncovered an underground vault, containing shattered pieces of terracotta. As they explored further and deeper, the vault and the areas surrounding the site… Read more →