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How To Stay Online in China

In todays modern age, the internet is indispensable when it comes to travel. We scour websites online to find the cheapest flight, and book it ourselves. We book accommodation online. We read stories and feedback and recommendations when it comes to planning what to do and see at our destination. We plan our route on maps so we know how… Read more →

12 Months on the Road

Here we are… a whole year later. 365 days ago, we jumped on a flight out of Perth, Australia and took off on our adventure of a lifetime – our nomadic existence, travelling from place to place around the continent of Asia. It’s been one epic adventure. In the last year we have visited places we’ve always dreamt of –… Read more →

Is A Japan Rail Pass Worth It?

One of the biggest costs in visiting Japan after flights and accommodation, is transport – travelling around the country. Purchasing a Japan Rail Pass is one way to save money on your travel costs, but the pass itself is quite costly – it will quite possibly be one of your biggest expenses in Japan. So – is a Japan Rail… Read more →

Extending Your Indonesian Visa in Bali

Indonesia is a massive country – there are over 17 000 islands that make up the nation. Travellers to Indonesia find it difficult to decide where to spend their time – with incredible destinations, sites and activities all over the country. The other factor that makes travelling difficult, is the restrictive visa conditions. Currently, Australians are entitled to a ‘Visa… Read more →

Our Travel Plans (Or Lack Thereof…)

On all the occasions where we’ve travelled, we’ve planned our trip meticulously. We read our Lonely Planet from front to back, read reviews, pre-booked all our accommodation and major activities and tracked it all on a very well kept spreadsheet. Being that we only had a certain amount of time to travel, we wanted to make sure we made the… Read more →