It's time for ATV adventures in Boracay!

An ATV Adventure In Boracay

Boracay generally has idyllic weather year-round, except during monsoon season. Whilst it’s not usually affected too heavily, there are times when there are strong winds and lots of rain. In weather like this some of Boracay’s adventure activities are not always possible. There is one adventure however that can usually be undertaken in rain, hail or shine – and we… Read more →

How Much Does it Cost to Travel in China?

Ah, China – home to the Great Wall, the Giant Panda and 1.3 billion people – making it the most populated country on the planet. China has fascinated travellers for a long time – however there aren’t too many who travel to this mysterious country of the far east. Difficulties obtaining a complex visa, the obvious language barrier and the… Read more →

Our new car and travelling companion Ghost!

14 Months on the Road

After a few months of soul-searching after our last blog post, we’re back with lots of news to share with you all! We apologise for the hiatus – it’s amazing just how busy life can get when you fall back into your old routines! In our 12 Months on the Road blog post, we shared with you that we’d come… Read more →

How To Stay Online in China

In todays modern age, the internet is indispensable when it comes to travel. We scour websites online to find the cheapest flight, and book it ourselves. We book accommodation online. We read stories and feedback and recommendations when it comes to planning what to do and see at our destination. We plan our route on maps so we know how… Read more →

Kampot, Cambodia

How Much Does it Cost to Travel Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of South East Asia’s hotspots, commonly visited on a typical Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Laos backpacking trip, and also drawing visitors from all over the globe to visit the famed Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap. It’s other appeal is that its quite cheap to travel – you can get around on the smallest of budgets. Cambodia has some of the… Read more →

Ho Chi Minh City Hall

How to Spend a Day in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, or as it was once known – Saigon, is a frenetic megacity of some 7 million people and almost as many motorbikes. Although there are now numerous international airport options for Viet Nam invariably most tourists will pass through Ho Chi Minh City, either to begin their journey or as their exit point from the country. Ho… Read more →