Zip-lining Over the Paradise Island of Boracay

We love to seek out adrenalin-fuelled activities when we travel. Experiences that you can’t have elsewhere are always on our must-do list. Boracay is the adventure capital of the Philippines – you can do pretty much everything on the island – whether young or old, solo or a couple or a family with children, there’s something for everyone!

Zip-lining is one of our favourite activities – we love that rush and the feeling of flying! We went on an epic zip-lining course through the rainforest in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, and also over the incredible forts of Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India. As soon as we saw that there was a zip-line in Boracay, we signed ourselves right up!

That time Mike went zip-lining over forts in India!
That time Mike went zip-lining over forts in India!

We were picked up by the company shuttle from the centre of town along with our guide Marlon and taken to the Happy Planet Zip-line and Cable Car Station. Located on the highest point of the island, the station offers a beautiful panoramic view over the island’s only golf course, resorts and one of it’s beautiful beaches.

The Happy Planet Zip-lining Station has amazing views over Boracay!
The Happy Planet Zip-lining Station has amazing views over Boracay!

Unlike the other zip-lining courses we had done, this one differed – we’d be flying superman style! That’s right – instead of sitting upwards and holding on – and being in charge of stopping ourselves – this time we were lying down on our bellies, strapped in from above, arms outstretched! Rather than having to essentially be our own ‘brakes’, the zip-line came to a gradual stop with someone at the other end to catch us. I loved the idea of that – coming to a stop is usually the scariest part when zip lining, so I was glad to know I wouldn’t have to worry so much!

Zip-lining in Boracay - superman style!
Zip-lining in Boracay – superman style!

The other fantastic part of the zip-line was that there were two lines running – this meant that you had the option to go along with with your travel buddy! We had the option to either zip-line tandem style – sharing the same line – or at the same time but on our own line each. It was so great to have the option, as because there’s always two of us there’s usually one person always having to go first, rather than getting to enjoy the experience together.

Helmets strapped firmly on and clipped into our ‘superman’ style harness, we both held onto the barrier, looking over the edge…. and we were off! There’s nothing that quite describes the feeling of flying through the air, arms outstretched, soaring over the trees and buildings! I really enjoyed the superman style of zip-lining – I could look all around me, back towards Mike without it throwing my balance like sitting upright does.

It's a big thumbs up!
It’s a big thumbs up!
We didn't quite manage to get a photo of us both looking in the same direction... next time!
We didn’t quite manage to get a photo of us both looking in the same direction… next time!

We began to slow down in the last ten seconds of the zip-lining, coming into a gradual stop before connecting with a weighted barrier on the line, and then a second one that stopped us completely – it’s so great to know there’s no chance of you slamming into the wall, like the other zip-lines we’ve been on!

Mike came in just after me – he claims that I went faster because I’m heavier…. (it’s probably true…) Climbing up a flight of stairs, the way back to the station was via an open air cable car – it gave us an opportunity to view all the things we’d missed as we whizzed by moments earlier! The aerial view of the island of Boracay gives you the opportunity to see just how much of a paradise island it really is – everywhere you look, green leafy palm trees, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters!

Enjoying the views from the cable car on our return trip!
Enjoying the views from the cable car on our return trip!

Zip-lining over the paradise island of Boracay was such a rush, and we highly recommend it! Even if heights aren’t your thing – it wasn’t too high, and didn’t go too fast – so give it a go! It’s a fantastic way to see the island from above and get that picture perfect selfie!


  • Where can I go zip-lining in Boracay?
    There’s only one zip-lining provider on the island, and we enjoyed the experience with Boracay Adventures Inc. Boracay Adventures Inc. are an activity and travel provider on the island of Boracay and are accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism. We wouldn’t recommend anyone else – they organised everything from the pick up, took great footage for us as we were zip-lining, and the shuttle back to town.
  • How much does it cost to go zip-lining in Boracay?
    The zip-lining and cable car experience costs 1200 PHP / $32.63 AUD per person. You can even rent a GoPro at the Happy Planet zip-lining station if you don’t have your own to capture footage of the whole thing!
  • How do I book?
    You can contact Boracay Adventures Inc. via their website, by email, Facebook and more – they’re very social media savvy!

Disclosure: Thank you to Boracay Adventures Inc. for supporting us on our visit to Boracay. As always, all opinions are our own.

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Zip-Lining Over the Paradise Island of Boracay

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