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It's time for ATV adventures in Boracay!

An ATV Adventure In Boracay

Boracay generally has idyllic weather year-round, except during monsoon season. Whilst it’s not usually affected too heavily, there are times when there are strong winds and lots of rain. In weather like this some of Boracay’s adventure activities are not always possible. There is one adventure however that can usually be undertaken in rain, hail or shine – and we… Read more →

Our 2016 Travel Plans

Here we are – a brand new year full of brand new plans and opportunities! 2015 was an amazing year – it was the year that I quit my job, we sold all our belongings and got ready for a life on the road. Taking off in July, we went on to visit six countries – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,… Read more →

Our Travel Plans (Or Lack Thereof…)

On all the occasions where we’ve travelled, we’ve planned our trip meticulously. We read our Lonely Planet from front to back, read reviews, pre-booked all our accommodation and major activities and tracked it all on a very well kept spreadsheet. Being that we only had a certain amount of time to travel, we wanted to make sure we made the… Read more →