Our Journey

Each month we write a ‘behind the scenes’ post of what we’ve been up to, where we’ve been, share personal photos and tell the tales that don’t make it to their own articles – the good, bad and ugly side of travels, our mistakes and hiccups along the way.

You can find every monthly post here, with the latest at the top.

  • Eleven Months on the Road
    Our eleventh month on the road. Embarking on one of our most anticipated stops, seeing the most incredible sights, dealing with the most insane language barrier and somehow surviving.
    Destinations Covered: China
  • Ten Months on the Road,
    Our tenth month on the road. Staying put for longer periods of time, city adventures, losing money at the casino and giving a country a second go.
    Destinations Covered: Hong Kong and Cambodia
  • Nine Months on the Road
    Our ninth month on the road. Making memories to last a lifetime, meeting online friends in real life, and getting down to business with our blog.
    Destinations Covered: Japan and Malaysia
  • Eight Months on the Road
    Our eighth month on the road. Establishing a ‘home away from home’, exploring street art, and a completely different change of pace – and wardrobe!
    Destinations Covered: Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Japan.
  • Seven Months on the Road
    Our seventh month on the road. Saying goodbye, travelling with friends, getting ripped off and one long month of sweating profusely.
    Destinations Covered: India and Sri Lanka.
  • Six Months on the Road
    Our sixth month on the road. Serious bouts of sickness, disappointment over experiences and giving them a second go, long train journeys, catching up with old friends and getting out to the hills.
    Destinations Covered: India
  • Five Months on the Road
    Our fifth month on the road. Re-visiting favourite places, making new friends, and being totally wowed and won over by new destinations.
    Destinations Covered: Vietnam and India.
  • Four Months on the Road
    Our fourth month on the road. Disappointment over failed plans with ‘friends’, exploring beaches and relaxing and some epic travel planning.
    Destinations Covered: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (Krabi).
  • Three Months on the Road
    Our third month on the road. Falling in love with one of the most underrated countries in Asia, street food eats, shopping mall heaven, and a lack of wildlife on a wildlife safari.
    Destinations Covered: Malaysia and Borneo
  • Two Months On
    Our second month on the road. Physical exertion, tiny hotel rooms and delicious food!
    Destinations Covered: Indonesia (Java), Singapore and Thailand (Phuket).
  • One Month in Review – How We’re Travelling
    Our first month travelling full-time. Our lack of planning kicked us in the arse, our ‘itinerary’ changed completely, and we got super sick…
    Destinations Covered: Indonesia (Sumatra and Bali)