Four Months on the Road

What an awesome month! It’s been a busy one – so much so that I’ve had to refer back to our trip notes just to recall everything that we’ve been up too!

I enjoyed several days after Mike left last time in Kuala Lumpur on my own, exploring different parts of the city, trying new foods and experiences. I feel really comfortable in KL on my own as a female – the city is so liveable, easy to navigate and feels strangely like ‘home’ – but with that crazy hustle and bustle of an Asian capital city that I love. It’s definitely going to be a ‘base’ of sorts for me whilst on my own throughout our travels in Asia over the next year.

From KL I went to Singapore for the weekend – a trip I’d planned even before we’d left Perth – for a particular event on the Saturday night. One of my favourite passions, activity and sport was pole-dancing – something I had been involved with for nearly three years now. On this particular weekend in Singapore, was the Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific competition – featuring some incredible pole artists whom I had always wanted to see perform in real life – so I just had to take up the opportunity to attend. A number of my previous classmates were also headed over the weekend so I was excited to have some company and familiar faces for the first time in awhile.

Enjoying my own company at the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.
Enjoying my own company at the beautiful Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

The weekend didn’t exactly work out the way I had hoped… in fact, whilst at the airport, checked in and ready to go, I was on the phone with Mike nearly in tears questioning why I was bothering going. Let’s just say I felt a little let down – a few things I’d hoped for over the course of the weekend were not going to eventuate – and I was essentially going to spend the entire time by myself. Mike and his words of wisdom picked me up though, and I landed in Singapore determined to enjoy myself – BY myself.

I ended up having a great time – there’s something about getting off a plane in a foreign country, yet knowing your way around completely. Within an hour of landing I was already checked in, changed, armed with my EZ-Link card and on the metro making my way around the city. I was able to enjoy some of the incredible sights of Singapore we’d missed out on last time, took myself out for fancy meals, and did some shopping. Come Saturday night, I’d gotten over my previous insecurities and ended up having a great night with some beautiful people – and was glad I’d made the trip in the end!

I returned to KL and got back to business, sorting visas for upcoming trips, finishing my website course, and working on content for the site as well as lots of photo and video editing – I’m thoroughly enjoying learning new skills and applying them to something I enjoy and that we both really want to make work!

Nothing quite beats when Mike finishes work though and we get to meet back up – it’s always the highlight of any trip!

We’ve spent the last two weeks in Krabi, Thailand – and are so glad we made the decision to explore this beautiful part of the world. We had lazy lie ins, spent hours by the pool, and even more on the incredible beaches. We took an incredible day trip out to some beautiful islands, got massages, went kayaking and explored more remote parts of the area. Most of all, we got to spend an incredible amount of time with each other just ENJOYING – not rushing from one spot to the next, or spending hours transiting and feeling like we had to check off everything in the area.

Krabi was beautiful - a fantastic trip that we thoroughly enjoyed!
Krabi was beautiful – a fantastic trip that we thoroughly enjoyed!

We had a bit of rain the last few days, but we used the downtime to arrange everything for our next trip – the biggest one yet – 7 weeks in India. It’s been a mission and a half, and we still haven’t nutted everything out but we’ll get there soon enough – we really can’t wait!

My last visit to Hoi An in 2012 - so excited to return!
My last visit to Hoi An in 2012 – so excited to return!

I’ve returned to KL, as Mike has left to return to work. I can’t wait to eat roti again, see some sights I’m still yet to visit, (KL has THAT much to do!) and get to work writing. On Sunday, I’m flying to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam – I’m so excited to return, it’s one of my favourite countries I’ve visited. I’ll be staying with some friends in HCMC that I met travelling in 2012 and who now live there for a few days, before flying to Da Nang and heading for Hoi An – my favourite spot in the country!

At the end of the month, Mike and I meet back up in KL and then it’s onto India! It’s going to be one crazy, awe-inspiring, overwhelming, magical trip – one that we have both feelings of fear and excitement for…  New Delhi will be our starting point, before heading to Agra and visiting the jewels of Rajasthan and Amritsar in the north. We fly to the south from Delhi on Christmas Day and meet our friends Clare and Meredith in Varkala, before exploring the state of Kerala for a few weeks together. Once we say goodbye to the girls, we head to Bangalore, Hampi and then finish our trip in Mumbai.

After that… well, who knows!

Be sure to check out our posts from the last month if you haven’t read them yet!

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Happy travels!

Mike & Amy


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