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It's time for ATV adventures in Boracay!

An ATV Adventure In Boracay

Boracay generally has idyllic weather year-round, except during monsoon season. Whilst it’s not usually affected too heavily, there are times when there are strong winds and lots of rain. In weather like this some of Boracay’s adventure activities are not always possible. There is one adventure however that can usually be undertaken in rain, hail or shine – and we… Read more →

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Gently rising through the crisp morning air, we huddled together as we gazed out towards the unworldly landscape that surrounded us. Hues of grey, purple, reds, greens and yellows marked the gigantic rock formations that jutted out of the ground. The morning sun was just starting to peek through the clouds, the skies dotted with balloon-shaped silhouettes… Where exactly were… Read more →

Climbing Lion Rock in Sigiriya

If you were to Google ‘Sri Lanka’ no doubt one of the first images to appear would be that of Sigiriya – a 200 metre tall rock, home to the preserved ruins of a palace built over 1500 years ago, and Sri Lanka’s most visited historic site. Whilst the rock itself is commonly referred to as Sigiriya by most, it’s… Read more →