A Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland 

In April I wrote about fulfilling a childhood fantasy – of experiencing the magic of Disney as a grown up for the very first time, with a visit to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Just three weeks after those first magical memories were made, I had the opportunity experience even more magic – with a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland!

Opening in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest of the five (soon to be six!) Disney parks in the world. Whilst it may not have the ‘big rides’ that are present at the other parks, it’s smaller size means that all it’s attractions can be easily experienced in a day – something that’s near impossible in the other parks!

The happiest place on earth! Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

As I made several ‘rookie mistakes’ in my visits to the parks in Tokyo – not planning my visit in advance, getting Fast Passes for the wrong rides and arriving late – I was determined to learn from my mistakes and have a more successful visit to Hong Kong Disneyland!

I perused the website the night before my visit, noting which rides were eligible for a Fast Pass (of which there are only two so that didn’t quite help…), which had openings for Single Riders – meaning I could ride any time of the day with minimal wait time, and also my MUST DO rides and shows in order of importance. I was pretty nerdy in my approach, but I really wanted to spend more time on rides, and less time in lines this time around!

Did it pay off? Well… not only was I the first person in line at security in the morning, but I went on EVERY ride at Hong Kong Disneyland, bar the few really kiddie rides. I was ‘done’ by 5.30PM – having seen every show, been on every ride, and half a dozen meet and greet’s with various Disney characters. It was pretty much the best day ever, and while I think there was a bit of luck on my side, the pre-planning definitely did pay off.

So without further ado, here is my guide to Hong Kong Disneyland – tips on visiting, and how to get the most out of your visit so that you have the most magical day ever!

Top Tips For Visiting

Tip #1: Visit on a weekday

It’s apparently common knowledge around Hong Kong that you never go to Disneyland on a weekend, as this is when the locals also visit. Whilst you’ll have other tourists visiting on weekdays, the number will be relatively small in comparison to weekend visitors.

Tip #2: Arrive early

Minnie Ears - Check!

The gates to security and the ticket office open from 9.15AM, with the gates to the park opening at 10AM. Once inside the park, you’re limited to roaming around Main Street until 10.30AM, when access to the rest of Disneyland is open.
I arrived on the Disneyland Resort MTR line, walking into the park around 8.45AM. I was the first in line and through security, and then the first through the park gates at 10AM. By that time, the lines were much longer, so it paid to arrive early.
The half hour in Main Street prior to entering the park gives you time to purchase any merchandise you might like to wear during the day (hello Minnie ears) and any food or beverage.
You’re then ready for a magical day of Disneyland!

Tip #3: Get a Fast Pass

There are only two attractions at Hong Kong Disneyland that have a Fast Pass ticket – Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in Fantasyland. If you’ve arrived first thing in the morning on a weekday, you’ll likely visit Tomorrowland first as it’s the closest land to Main Street. The Fast Pass will enable you to ride Space Mountain within around 20 minutes, which you can then use to visit the rest of the land or perhaps duck over to Fantasyland and grab a Fast Pass for Winnie the Pooh. Being a small park, it’s easy to get around quickly.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Single Rider Attractions

If you’re visiting Hong Kong Disneyland by yourself (it’s not that lonely, I promise) or even as a family with children, you can take advantage of the attractions that offer single riders priority. These include Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop in Toy Story Land. You’ll generally be able to get on the next ride.

Guides to Hong Kong Disneyland Park Areas


Defeating the evil Emperor Zurg!

Don’t Miss: Space Mountain (FAST PASS & Single Rider Attraction)
The famous indoor rollercoaster is located at every Disney park. I missed out on the one in Tokyo, so I made it a priority on my visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. Now I love rollercoasters, they don’t scare me but I realised this is only when I can see the track – so I know whats about to happen. This isn’t the case with Space Mountain… the entire rollercoaster is indoors, in the complete dark – with the odd twinkling of stars and various space junk. It’s a LOT scarier than I was expecting, but a great thrill.

Awesome Fun: Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

I love the interactive rides – in this one you’re helping Buzz Lightyear defeat Evil Emperor Zurg, by shooting your astro blaster at various targets throughout the ride. Your vehicle keeps a tally of your score so ride with a friend and have some friendly competition!

For the Kids: Obitron
Flying through the air on a saucer not only gives you a great view of the park, but the ride is slow and you can control flying up and down yourself, making it great if you have little guys with you.

Be Sure to Meet: Buzz Lightyear
You can meet Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland! He’s usually just opposite the entrance to the Astro Blasters attraction so make sure you say hi!


Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the entrance to Fantasyland and the centrepiece of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Jumping aboard a hunny pot!

Don’t Miss: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (FAST PASS Attraction)
Jump in a ‘hunny pot’ and join Winnie the Pooh on his many adventures. A slow ride that takes you through various themed areas, your hunny pot will bounce along with Tigger, float down a stream, and confronted by heffalumps and woozels. It’s an incredibly cute ride that will bring a smile to your face!

Awesome Fun: Mickey’s PhilarMagic
This 10 minute 3-D show follows the super cute Donald Duck on a quest to retrieve Mickey’s Sorcerers Hat, whilst crossing paths with Disney characters and magical songs. It’s all in English, you’ll get a little wet, and also smell the aromas of Apple Pie – yes, I can’t explain it, but it was awesome. Too cute and very funny!

A very cool show - well worth the watch!

For the Kids: Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Cinderella’s Carousel, Mad Hatter Tea Cups, It’s A Small World
Pretty much every attraction in Fantasyland is for the kids! My personal favourite is ‘It’s A Small World’ – I just love the various children from all over the world singing as you float along in a boat. This is at every other Disney park though, so if there’s queues you may want to give it a miss.

One of many scenes in It's A Small World - this is the countries of Africa!

Be Sure to Meet: A Disney Princess, Tinkerbell, Mickey and his Friends!
To the right of the Sleeping Beauty castle is a meet and greet station featuring a Disney princess – I’m guessing this will change from day to day. I met Aurora! You can meet Tinkerbell at the end of your walk through the Fairy Tale Forest, and Micky and his Friends throughout the Fantasy Gardens!

Tinkerbell is definitely one of the best Disney characters! So sassy!


Toy Story Land.

The RC Racer, a great thrill ride!

Don’t Miss: RC Racer
Probably the only other ride in the park to get your heart racing, jump aboard RC Racer and speed forwards and straight up, and backwards and straight down on the racetrack.

Awesome Fun: Toy Soldier Parachute Drop (Single Rider)
Not quite the typical ‘giant drop’ ride for the big kids, this ride is still a ton of fun as you’re hoisted up to see the whole of Hong Kong Disneyland, before plummeting to the ground, only to be saved by your parachute!

For the Kids: Slinky Dog Spin
I didn’t ride, but this is your typical kiddie rollercoaster, as you jump aboard Slinky Dog and race around the track!

Kids will love Toy Story Land and all its iconic characters!

Be Sure to Meet: Woody
Stop by the Monkey Barrel next to the gift shop to meet the famous cowboy! A warning – he’s quite the charmer with the ladies!

Howdy Woody!

Mystic Manor.


Don’t Miss: Mystic Manor
Mystic Manor has a very ‘Haunted Mansion’ feel about it – a ride common at other Disney parks. Taken into the manor, you’ll jump aboard a carriage and take a tour through the mysterious antique and arts collections belonging to Lord Henry from around the world. Beware – not all is as it seems!


Don’t Miss: Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
Now unfortunately this ride was CLOSED the day I visited – devastated, as I love rollercoasters and this one looked like fun! It features a ‘rickety’ wooden track with sharp turns and flying through mines. If you visit Hong Kong Disneyland, be sure to tell me how you enjoyed it!


Timon, Pumbaa and live actors play the other characters in the Festival of the Lion King.Don’t Miss: “Festival of the Lion King”
Now I’m yet to see the Lion King musical, but I can imagine that the “Festival of the Lion King” exclusively at Hong Kong Disneyland is a bit of taster! This 20 odd minute show is on four times a day, at 12PM, 2PM, 4.30PM and 6PM and is unmissable! With large scale floats, incredible musical numbers, costumes, special effects this show will give you goosebumps!

Awesome Fun: Jungle River Cruise
This ride has three separate entrance lines for different languages, as you’ll jump aboard a boat with a captain taking you on a tour of the jungle! Expect animals, savages, creepy crawlies, getting wet and special effects! I loved this ride!

For the Kids: Tarzan’s Treehouse
I didn’t make the trip across the river to visit the treehouse, as it was a bit busy, but with an interactive zone and bird’s eye view over Adventureland, this is a great one for the kids!


The cute shops of Main Street!

Meeting Baymax - he is too cute for words!

Don’t Miss: Flights of Fantasy Parade
This parade, featuring all your favourite Disney characters is on every day at 3PM. It culminates in Main Street, which has some of the larger spaces to watch the floats go by!

Be Sure to Meet: Baymax
Make sure you visit the Arts of Animation building where you can meet Baymax from Big Hero 6. He really is as squishy as he looks!

So there you have it – my top tips and guide for a magical day at Hong Kong Disneyland! What I loved most about this park was it’s small, walkable size, the fact that all the shows and voiceovers in the attractions were in English (in Tokyo everything was Japanese), and just how quick I was able to get through everything! Lining up is part of the deal when you visit theme parks – but it’s never fun! I never waited in line longer than ten minutes at Hong Kong Disneyland, and for the majority of all the rides I simply walked straight through. Another bonus – when taking photos with the characters, the staff member would take at least half a dozen on your device – unlike in Tokyo where I got ONE photo – meaning more chance of a great shot!

I had such a magical day at Hong Kong Disneyland, and was so grateful to experience so much of the park – by planning ahead, by visiting on a weekday, and arriving early. I hope this guide helps you plan your own magical visit to Hong Kong Disneyland too!


  • How to get there?
    The fastest and easiest way to get to Hong Kong Disneyland is to take the MTR. Take the Yellow Tung Chung Line and transfer at Sunny Bay Station for the Pink Disneyland Resort Line.
  • How much does it cost?
    A 1-Day Park Pass for Adults is $539 HKD (approx $90 AUD), and $385 (approx $64 AUD) for Children aged 5-11. The park can easily be visited in a day!

Bonus Content

If you follow us on Snapchat, you’ll have seen my magical day at Disneyland unfold as it happened. If you missed out – here’s the days adventures in full for you to watch!

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A Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland

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  1. June 7, 2016 at 5:30 AM

    Hi! I’m going to Disneyland HK this coming July! How much are the food for? And do they have some locker area where you can put all your belongings like in Universal Studios Singapore? Or you can just leave your bags and stuff somewhere before you can ride? I’ll probably be bringing a regular sized backpack, dlsr & a tripod. Thanks!

    • Amy
      June 8, 2016 at 6:44 PM

      Hi Kim! How exciting, you’ll have so much fun! Food was fairly inexpensive (for Disneyland anyway), most snacks and meals were $60 HKD or under. From memory there is a locker area, however you cannot bring tripods or selfie sticks in to the park – I had a hand held GoPro stick and that was ok because it didn’t extend. Hope you have a lovely time!

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