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Our new car and travelling companion Ghost!

14 Months on the Road

After a few months of soul-searching after our last blog post, we’re back with lots of news to share with you all! We apologise for the hiatus – it’s amazing just how busy life can get when you fall back into your old routines! In our 12 Months on the Road blog post, we shared with you that we’d come… Read more →

12 Months on the Road

Here we are… a whole year later. 365 days ago, we jumped on a flight out of Perth, Australia and took off on our adventure of a lifetime – our nomadic existence, travelling from place to place around the continent of Asia. It’s been one epic adventure. In the last year we have visited places we’ve always dreamt of –… Read more →

Eleven Months on the Road

I sit here writing this blog, still recovering from the whirlwind eleventh month we’ve had on the road. It’s a month that has certainly taken it’s toll on us physically, but what an incredible time we had in China! We’ve been fairly quiet and only posted intermittently whilst in China – partly because of the lack of signal and not… Read more →

Ten Months on the Road

What a whirlwind of a month – three countries, four flights and non-stop adventures once again! Our tenth month on the road started with our count down to our visit to Hong Kong, a city break where we were so excited for delicious street food, street photography, high rise bars and a taste of Chinese culture. Hong Kong was such an… Read more →

Nine Months on the Road

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! The first part of our ninth month on the road was CRAZY busy – but that’s Japan for you! Balancing the go-go-go feeling we had whilst we were there and getting enough down time was a struggle our entire trip which ultimately resulted in illness, but we’ll get to that later… Japan. What an INCREDIBLE… Read more →

Six Months on the Road

Half a year… say what?! It’s absolute madness to think we’ve been away now for half a year. It feels like just yesterday that we left for our flight to Sumatra and here we are six months later, in a little fishing town on the coast of Kerala in India. The last month of travel has been full on. Whilst… Read more →